Senco PC1010 Review

Senco PC1010 Review

The Senco is relatively quiet than most of its competitors on the market. It also include rubber covered feet for easy storage and transportation. This hand carry device is an oil less type of compressor which is especially designed for users who don’t like oil spills and contamination whatsoever. Read further for an honest Senco PC1010 review.

The compressor is quite capable of delivering twenty to forty four drives per minute. The direct drive motor would provide an efficient operation for a wide variety of jobs. The lube-free pump will result in a lower mess than working with oily compressors. The aluminium cylinder will definitely offer durability and strength to the compressor.

The compressor has a one gallon capacity which makes it ideal for a wide range of home remodelling and renovation jobs.The machine weighs only 20 pounds and easy to carry from job site to job site. The device is specially designed to trim and finishwork including a variety of hobbies and crafts. It is quite lightweight and ultra-quiet in operation. The 1 HP compressor is a real treat that offer high performance in a portable and compact package. In fact, it would efficiently perform a wide range of medium and small jobs with the use of pneumatic tools.

You can also practice crafts and hobbies with this versatile compressor. The Senco takes only 128 seconds to pump and 35 seconds to recover. This will prevent you from wasting your valuable time. You will never have to worry about disturbing neighbours since the Senco is significantly quieter than their competitor products. There are some customers who have claimed that the compressor is very slow in refilling the tank. But for the majority of customers, this recovery time is ideal. There are some salient features of the product, which would be highlighted below.

This tool should not be used to handle constant air flow necessitated by industrial grade or advanced power tools. This model will not possess a lot of air power like the advanced models out there. There are many pros and a few cons of using this air compressor. The quietness, lightweight, ergonomics, aluminium & cast iron for durability and low maintenance are the notable pros of the tool. The cons include not being ideal for large jobs, low SCFM, quite a small tank and slow recovery. The numerous reviews on the net about Senco PC1010 air compressor, makes it one of the best air compressors out there.. The product is backed by a one-year warranty.

. Delivering 20 to 44 drives a minute.
. Portable, lightweight and quite easy to transport from job site to job site.
. Half horsepower running, one gallon capacity and one horsepower peak. 
. The compact design of the product will take less room in transporting and storing.
. The carrying handle will allow to carry the compressor quite easily.

The compact size of the air compressor is one of the salient features of the product. It is quite easier to carry it by hand around the house to handle small repair jobs. It is a great product for novices into the industry. The maintenance free quality is ideal for people who are looking to work on an air compressor and not have to service or fix anything in it. This comprehensive Senco PC1010 review will help you to make an informed decision when you are purchasing an air compressor.