Rockworth RW1504ST

Rockworth RW1504ST Air Compressor Review

The Rockworth RW1504ST is a popular and affordable consumer grade air compressor. It is a consumer grade device and it is broadly considered to be a medium duty compressor that offers a good balance between versatility and performance. This air compressor is aimed primarily at home users, but it is also popular with contractors who are looking for a small, affordable back-up compressor that can do the job of devices that are as much as three or four times the price.

The Rockworth RW1504ST is something of a mixed bag in terms of quality and performance. It features two tanks that offer a combined total of four gallons. You can move this compressor around your garage, workshop or site quite easily, and the compressor operates quite efficiently, even allowing you to power two small tools at the same time.
Sadly, the small size and flexibility comes at a price in terms of performance. The device offers a maximum of 155PSI, which sounds good on paper. However, at 90PSI it puts out just 2.8SCFM, which is not enough to run bigger tools. You can run a framing gun or a finishing gun, but that is about the limit of the device. The motor runs at 1.5 horsepower, but that is not enough to impress considering the low SCFM output.

Compared to portable compressors, 2.8SCFM at 90PSI is pretty impressive, but for a compressor that weighs 50lbs you would expect better performance. The compressor runs smoothly at the power level that it does put out, however, and it is a fairly quiet device compared to some cheaper models.

With that said, this air compressor is oil-free, so maintenance is a breeze. In addition, since the compressor has two separate tanks you can run two different tools and set the PSI level for each tool individually. If you are a contractor looking for a backup compressor that you can keep in your van for emergency jobs, and you don’t want to have to worry about regular maintenance then this is a good device to have.

The biggest issue with the Rockworth RW1504ST is that the manufacturers seem to be unable to decide what market it is aimed at. It is an oil-free, low powered device that would suit the home maintenance market, but it tries to add too many features. The device can run multiple tools, but the tools are not included in the package. The performance is good, but not as good as you would get from a true contractor grade device.

Overall, the Rockworth RW1504ST is a good buy, especially if you don’t mind opting for a refurbished device. It’s low cost and its flexibility more than makes up for any of the potential issues with the device. If you are a demanding home user and you want a little more power than you can get from standard consumer grade compressors, then the Rockworth RW1504ST offers everything you need for just a small increase in price.

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