Makita MAC700

Makita MAC700 Air Compressor Revieww

The Makita 2.0 HP Air Compressor is outfitted with Makita’s engineered Big Bore piston and pump cylinder for high output, improved performance, and less noise. Because of this the MAC700 is a powerful tool that provides industrial power and high durability under almost any job site condition.

 – Exceptional Big Bore Engineered Pump with 2.0 HP

The power behind the MAC700 is its high-energy 2.0 HP motor. Its engineered pump and cast iron cylinder provides improved bore and stroke, for faster recovery, better compression, and much less noise. Due to its cast iron construction, it’s engineered for durability even under the toughest job site environments. The MAC700 is fully equipped with an automotive large style filter for superior air intake, and an oil lubricated pump for high efficiency.

The efficient Big Bore lubricated pump means that the MAC700 keeps cool and utilizes only have of the RPM of its competitors, the end result being excellent pump and motor longevity, without all the engine noise. Its 2.6-gallon tank provides an operating pressure of about 130 PSI, and puts out about 40PSI (3.8 CFM) and 90 PSI (CFM). Tripped breakers and voltage drops are minimized by the MAC700’s low AMP draw, which helps prevents motor failures. A roll bar handle keeps the unit portable, and provides protection, which means it’s better able to handle harsh jobsite conditions. Some additional also include, smartly placed oil drain w/sight glass, and a tank drain valve that far surpasses previous designs for better maintenance, also finned discharge tubing which helps dissipate heat efficiently.


 – Designed for a Wide Range of Applications

The MAC-700 features low noise, less maintenance, and high output, all of which delivers professional power and greater durability in almost any working environment. Makita’s commitment to innovation and high quality engineering is very evident in the MAC-700.

It’s great for wide range of jobs, including powering airbrushes and other air-powered tools. It’s best used with a variety of Makita approved accessories.

 – Makita Big Bore Mac700 Air Compressors

Makita’s line of Big Bore Mac-700 Air Compressors are known for delivering high output without all the noise, and excellent job site performance. The Big Bore Mac700 pumps also feather professional grade engineered cast iron pump cylinders, which have greater stroke and bore, for excellent recovery, high compression, and safe operation. Many consumers are thrilled with its complete cast iron construction, because it can take a lot of normal wear and tear with ease. The entire Makita Big Bore Air line features oil lubricated assembly with automotive quality air filters, which make them the most efficient on the market. All of this while not comprising on construction quality and durability.

 – More about Makita

Makita is a recognized manufacturer of the highest quality power tools, and industrial accessories. Makita is well known for its innovative designs and for providing compact, energy efficient power tools that put out industrial strength power. Makita manufactures its products in La Mirada, California, and operates its own distribution network throughout the US.