dewalt dwfp55126 review

DEWALT-DWFP55126 reviewDewalt DWFP55126 Review

Are you in the market for a new air compressor? Most people, when they hear about this device, may not automatically understand what its purpose is for. They may understand that there are many different types designed by different manufacturers, coming in all different shapes and sizes. What most people do not know is that they are very handy tools that can be used for anything including airbrush painting, creating a snow machine that blows snow into the air, all the way to paintball guns, diving, inflating tires and of course pressure washers that are very common in households today. One of the best types of air compressors to get is a pancake air compressor, specifically one from DeWalt. Here is our Dewalt DWFP55126 review for your consideration, a device that can be handy in any home.


What Exactly Is An Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a gas powered, or electrically powered, device that converts this power source into what is called kinetic energy. In this particular application, air is pressurized, and by pulling the trigger on the device, the pressurized air is released. So if you have ever used a pressure washer at your local gas station, or one that you have at home, you know that by pulling the trigger, the forced air sends the water out at extremely high velocity, allowing you to use the water going into the system for purposes such as taking off paint on the side of your home before doing a thorough paint job, or cleaning your sidewalks or prepping your deck for staining. So whether you are going to use one for your staple gun, sandblasting, or using an air blowgun at your workbench, these are all things that an air compressor can be used for.

The Dewalt DWFP55126 air compressor is actually what is called a pancake compressor, and this particular one runs at 165 psi. It is very efficient, able to start very easily in the coldest weather, and is powered by electricity. The noise level is actually not that bad, running about 75 dBA which is very quiet for a compressor of this size. By size, we mean its output because it is actually a very small portable unit with high regulator flow that is typically seen on larger compressors of greater value. It is an oil free pump, which means it’s easy to take care of, and it only weighs about 30 pounds. It has protective covers on the legs, allowing you to set it even at a significant angle on the ground without having to worry about it rolling away. The combination of the high efficiency motor, high flow regulator, and easy to use console and controls, it is one of the best air compressors on the market today that is priced under $200.

Now that you have a better idea of what the Dewalt DWFP55126 can do for you, you might want to consider picking one up if your existing air compressor is now non-operational, or if you simply want to have a portable one to use around the house. Whether you need it for your air sander because you are detailing a vehicle, you need to operate a nail or staple gun because you are in the middle of a project, or you have a pressure washing job in mind, this air compressor from DeWalt is one of the best and most affordable on the market today, one that you should definitely consider owning. This Dewalt DWFP55126 review should provide you with enough information to actively consider the possibility of picking up one of these top-of-the-line DeWalt pancake air compressors today.


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