DeWalt D55168 200 Review

DeWalt D55168 200 Review

One of the most important pieces of equipment that you can have at your house for a wide variety of applications is an air compressor. If you are not the type of person that does construction projects, you have probably used one at some point in time, for instance, when putting air into your bicycle or car tires. The applications of this device go far beyond simply filling up tires. They can be used for many things including filling scuba diving cylinders, using them for homemade paintball guns, or if you are into customizing helmets that you use for motocross, an air compressor can help you become an artist par excellence.

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If you recently have realized that your existing air compressor is no longer working, you might want to turn to one of the experts in the industry called DeWalt. They are a company that produces many of the top products that are used today by construction companies and do-it-yourself experts such as tile saws, nail guns, grinders, drills, and pressure washers. One of the best is the DeWalt D55168 200. Here is a DeWalt D55168 200 review that can help you make a decision as to whether or not to get one of these air compressors from DeWalt today.

DeWalt D55168 200 Review

When you find listings for this air compressor on the main DeWalt website, or if you happen to go to Home Depot or find it on Amazon, you’re going to see similar specifications in regard to what this air compressor is capable of doing, and why it might be exactly what you need. It is a 90 psi compressor, capable of handling small to medium-size projects. The maximum tank storage for air pressure is 200 PSI which is perfect for using tools for extended periods of time. The operational levels of noise are moderate, not excessively loud, especially for its size.

DEWALT D55168 200 reviews
DEWALT D55168 200

It is built with a maintenance free pump, which is also oil free, which is an excellent choice for people that are not technically are mechanically inclined. You can actually plug this in and operate the unit with a regular extension cord, recommended size 12 Ga or greater. The control panel actually serves as a protector for the regulator, coupler and gauges as well. The combination of having high air flow regulation, and a high flow coupler, is what allows this device to power devices for extended periods. It comes with semi-pneumatic tires, ones that have an extremely wide track, which means no tire maintenance is necessary and they are extremely stable when set in place.

What Other People Are Saying

When you read the reviews of customers that have purchased this product, they are almost all positive with five stars. Across the board, they all state that this unit is not only adequate for their needs, but surpasses their expectations. It runs more quietly than larger units which operate with the same PSI. This unit is only about $350-$400 depending upon where you purchase it, making this a very affordable investment.

Purchase a DEWALT D55168 200 Today

Whether you decide to pick one up directly from the main DeWalt site, use Amazon because of its lower pricing, or simply go down to Home Depot and drive home with one today, if you really need to have a new air compressor, or you have an up-and-coming project where one needs to be purchased, you should seriously consider owning and using the DEWALT D55168 200. You now have enough information based upon this DEWALT D55168 200 review to make the positive decision to purchase this highly recommended DeWalt air compressor right away.

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