DEWALT D55146 Review

The internet is full of positive DEWALT D55146 reviews. The oil free air compressor has been creating quite a buzz on the market since of lately. This compressor is designed and solidly built to withstand harsh job-site conditions quite efficiently. The dual hose connection and advanced design cooling system are salient features of the product. This will allow its user to simultaneously operate up to 2 roofing nailers or 3 framing nailers. The versatile piece of equipment is ideal for remodelers, small scale framing carpenters, large scale remodelers and large scale trim carpenter crews. This article will provide an honest DEWALT D55146 review.

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The high pressure pump and the technologically advanced patented high efficiency motor would provide a maximum pressure of 200 PSI. The equipment is versatile as well as convenient and comes with an oil and maintenance free pump. It is quite easy to store and move the compressor since it contains pneumatic wheels. The product is perfect for anyone looking for high level of power with quite a low maintenance. It is a heavy duty hand carry compressor which holds up to 4.5 gallons.

You will not hear a loud noise once the motor of the compressor is started since it is so quiet.
The minimum branch circuit requirement for the D55146 is 15A with a time delay fuse. This would allow current overload conditions for a specific period of time. The compressor would allow you to power a variety of air tools for numerous applications. Many of the air tools today would require more air to operate and cannot be handled by the lower grade compressors on the market. These lower grade air compressors may not have the necessary reserve once you have driven an air tool for a few seconds. But the D55146 has quite a short recovery time and sufficient air for numerous small air tools.


DEWALT-D55146 review

One common complain that most of the users would make about this air compressor is about the position of the drain valve. Most of the customers complain that the drain valve is not properly located since the user would have to hold the compressor at 45 degrees in order to efficiently drain condensed water from the tank of the compressor. Even though you will have to drain the tank after each use of the unit, many customers don’t have an unnecessary hue and cry about it. There are some customers who have complained that they experienced a leaking air problem. The problem has started from around the pressure regulating valve. Some even complained that the hose clamp was not tightened properly. But the majority of its users have not experienced such problems at all.

There are many salient features of the DEWALT D55146. Some of them are highlighted below.

. The max tank storage pressure of 200 PSI would provide the user with more than 80% of usable air than its competitor products.

. 78 dBA operational noise level will a quieter work environment.

. The collapsible handle and vertical stand feature would allow the user to save immense space when the equipment is transported and stored in a vertical position.

. 90 PSI / 5.0 SCFM will guarantee the recharge of the compressor after its previous tank charge is over.

. The equipment could be easily transported anywhere on the job-site since there are foam tires which are non-flat and 10-inches.

. The compressor’s durability is guaranteed due to the high pressure technology which is Ehp efficient.

The aforementioned DEWALT D55146 review will definitely help you to make an informed decision when you decide to purchase the DEWALT D55146 on the market.

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